J. Register Company, Inc.

J. Register Company is a Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor with experience in all types of roofing. The Register group has been the leading provider of roofing services to Central and North Florida including South Georgia since 1980.

ROOFING SPECIALISTS in built-up, modified,
single-ply, metal, and tile roofing.

Specialist in restoration of historic roofing projects.

The building owner in the top right photo is The Diocese of St. Augustine.

“The roof, because of its historic background, had to be restored in kind to the original system. We removed the existing Ludowici French Imperial Tile that was manufactured in 1916 in Ludowici, Georgia. We then cleaned and stored the tile to be reinstalled. Unfortunately, During the removal process many of the tiles were damaged and had to be replaced. With a little Devine Intervention, I noticed a building being demolished in Green Cove Springs. Florida. The tile on that roof was scheduled to be hauled to the landfill turned out to be Ludowici French Imperial Tile and we determined it was manufacturer in 1917. It was a perfect match! We were able reroof the church and restore it to its original state”. (Gary Register)

photos from TPC 001
Specialist in designing, installing and maintaining roofing systems that endure the test of time.

Our roofing teams have completed over $200 million in roofing projects.

Projects have spanned not only the United States, but also the Caribbean (Bahamas and Aruba), Sri Lanka, and Cuba.

Have always been far under the 1.0 EMR Safety Rating. Our attention to safety is key for our employees and our clients.

Our SERVICE DIVISION is dedicated ONLY to service, repair and maintenance. Our repair specialists and technicians bring over 50 years of experience and have been together in the repair division for more than 5 years.