Roof Guarantee & Maintenance:

Annual Warranty Maintenance:

This work consists of inspecting entire roof area, adjacent wall and miscellaneous flashings, roof drains, and sheet metal flashing details. Items to be addressed will include the cleaning of drains and gutters as well as any minor deficiencies that can be corrected in the one day inspection. If larger issues are found the owner will be made aware and we will quote a price if need be to have the issues corrected which will be done upon agreement from owner.

Any deficiencies found will be corrected so as to maintain warrantable status of the roof system. Photographic documentation of findings and any corrections made (if any) will be provided to owner as part of this service.

Conditions found that are damage from negligence of others, unauthorized penetrations cut into roof, storm damage, chemical spills, acts of God will be repaired at a quoted and agreed-upon price. (Items covered in section are listed in the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Program that included with the warranty from the manufacturer.)

Roofing Guarantee

J. Register Co., Inc. guarantees to the Owner, that for a period of {?} year(s) from the date shown below, J. Register Co., Inc. will, at its expense, repair or cause to be repaired the scope of work described above to the extent necessary to return the roofing system to watertight condition.

  • This guarantee is not a maintenance agreement or an insurance policy. J. Register Co., Inc. shall not be liable for repair to the roof system resulting from:
  • Natural disasters.
  • Improper drainage.
  • Failure of the substrate or structure.
  • Unauthorized alterations of the roof system, or any kind made to the roof surface. Automatic and effective cancellation of the guarantee will result if the roof surface is altered in any way without written approval of J. Register Co., Inc.
  • This warranty is transferable.
  • This warranty is not effective until all invoices including retainage are paid to J. Register Co., Inc.